Practical Shooting Safety Course (PSSC) Going LIVE at Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club (RSSC)!


RSSC proudly boasts one of the largest “Practical” Shooting Clubs in the country.  In addition, we have an awesome group of volunteer Board Members, Division Heads, Match Directors, Statisticians and Range Officers that host practical events for Action Steel, USPSA, SASS, ICORE, .22 firearms and Multi-Gun.

Practical Shooting events demand that SAFETY is ALWAYS the number one priority.  Our sport has an excellent track record in that regard, and at Rio Salado, we intend to do everything we can to educate novice competitors about the safety rules and procedures of the sport.

That’s why we’ve created the PSSC – to provide a friendly, encouraging and informative environment for those who want to begin attending practical shooting events, and more importantly, to get them started on the right foot.

Beginning in April of 2013, any NEW shooter must attend the Practical Shooting Safety Course (PSSC) BEFORE competing in any of the “Practical Division” Matches:

  • 1st Sunday ICORE Revolver
  • 1st Thursday Action Shooting 101 Match
  • 2nd Sunday UPPL Match
  • 3rd Saturday RSPP Match
  • 3rd Sunday RMAP Match
  • 4th Saturday Hosemasters Match
  • 4th Sunday Intro To Steel (I2S) – PSSC required for “Draw Status“.  Novice competitors may participate, but will NOT be allowed to draw without PSSC.  FIRST TIME I2S Shooters:  DOWNLOAD, PRINT and REVIEW the SAFETY OUTLINE and WAIVER .  BRING THE OUTLINE & WAIVER WITH YOU TO THE MATCH!  There is a mandatory safety meeting, quiz and gun/holster inspection before you may shoot I2S.

We have scheduled two dates for the PSSC in March and will schedule more as needed.  Please check the PSSC website or the RSSC Calendar for future class dates.

  • Monday March 4th from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • Saturday March 16th from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

To Sign up for PSSC, send us an email designating the CLASS DATE:  PSSC E-MAIL

To learn more about the PSSC check the website:  PSSC


In summary, the goal of the PSSC is to encourage new shooters to take that sometimes-overwhelming first step into the exciting, fun and challenging world of practical shooting.  What better way to learn about Practical Shooting than taking a hands-on course from competitors and instructors with decades of practical shooting experience!  Once you’ve completed the PSSC, Rio Salado’s Practical Division offers a great array of matches, progressing from simple to advanced, to get you going in the sport.  We hope to see you soon – at a MATCH at the range!

I also want to extend my thanks to everyone who supported and helped create the PSSC:

Paul Caudill

Pete Carstensen

Scott Durkin

Debbie Keehart

Kippi Leatham

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