It’s Time To “Stand and Fight”!

It’s a critical time in our Nation regarding gun control, among many other important issues. If you want to keep your firearms, not be blamed for the gun violence in our country, and stand up against the attacks on our Constitution, specifically the 2nd Amendment, let yourself be heard.

Join the NRA, Gun Owners of America, Second Amendment Foundation, National Shooting Sports Foundation, etc. upgrade your membership or make a donation. Write your congressmen and congresswomen (check out for a quick easy method), have “classy” conversations [San Diego], take a gun-free friend to the range, and support the companies and organizations that are actively looking out for us.

From the NRA:  “President Obama’s skepticism over NRA’s proposal to put armed security in schools — when he and his friends already send their children to schools with armed guards — is just the latest example of elitist hypocrisy. The NRA plans to Stand and Fight — will you stand with us?”

Check out the full video on the NRA Stand and Fight website:

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