Rob Leatham is arguably one of the most-winning action shooters of all time!  He began his shooting journey sometime in the late 1970s.

He is a 6-Time IPSC World Champion and a 26-Time USPSA National Champion.

Rob is also one of only two 6-Division USPSA National Champions;  Julie Golob,is the other.

Rob has won the Single Stack / USPSA Nationals 17 Times, and the NRA Bianchi Cup 9 Times. To date, he is the only person to have ever won in all three divisions at the “Cup “; Open, Metallic & in 2011, Production!

The World Speed Shooting Championships has been won 8 times by Rob and the IDPA CDP Nationals 6 times.

2010 was a rebuilding year for Rob, as he had two TOTAL knee replacements.  He had an excellent surgeon and an awesome physical therapist.  Huge thanks to both Dr. Tarlow  and Chad Reilly for giving Rob, hopefully, many, many more years on the range.

In October of 2011, Rob traveled to Rhodes, Greece for the IPSC World Shoot XVI and earned his first “Senior” Gold Medal!  Rob was also on the winning Modified Division Team with Mike Voigt, JoJo Vidanes and Barry Dueck.   Rob has won GOLD with every USA Team he has ever been a part of.

For more on Rob’s professional history, read his blog post Rob’s Story – Shooting History.

Now, regarding the TGO label… In the early 2000s, Brian Enos started referring to Rob as TGO. Vicki Lawrence, who was the director of marketing at Springfield really liked TGO (which stands for ‘The Great One’).  The acronym was used by Springfield to develop the TGO pistol line after the 2002 season – which was the year Rob won every National and World championship level event that he shot. Since then, the moniker kind of stuck and Rob has quit fighting it. You will never hear Rob refer to himself as TGO, even though he is extremely confident and probably likes himself more than anyone else.  :)  TGO should also not be confused with The Great One Wayne Gretzky or the GOAT, Ricky Carmichael, the Greatest Of All Time.

On the more personal side, Rob is the father of three super fantastic kids;  Robby, Tommy & Patience.  Rob is still hoping that some day, one of them will enjoy shooting as much as he does.  Actually, he would probably be ecstatic if they would just go to the range with him every now and then.  Instead, the daily grinds of work, school, soccer, and married life consume much of his children’s time.

Rob is married to Kippi, who does a bit of shooting herself, attempts to manage Rob’s business details, and created most of this web site.

His parents, who are credited for introducing Rob to guns and the sport of action shooting, Nyle & Carol, are familiar faces to hundreds – if not thousands – of shooters across the world.  Sadly, Nyle passed in 2007.  He is missed by all of the Leathams and our USPSA / IPSC shooting families for certain.

For more info on Rob’s personal life, check the blog, Rob’s Story – Personal History.

The TGOverview portion of the web site includes pages about Rob’s Sponsors, his Schedule, his Shooting Titles & Press Releases.


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