Rob is extremely grateful for all of his sponsors, past and present.  Although he has worked tremendously hard to achieve his status as a professional shooter, he would not be where he is today without the help of many individuals and companies.  Here are his current sponsors:

 Rob’s employer, Springfield, Inc., has supported him, materially, financially and spiritually, for the majority of his professional career.  Rob considers Springfield to be part of his family and will be grateful and loyal to them for all time.  “Thanks, Springfield for everything you do – I am forever appreciative of your support and the endless opportunites!”

has been another major player in Rob’s success. Being a member of Team Safariland has enabled Rob to go the extra distance in terms of training, attending matches, and winning! Rob is very fortunate to have such a dedicated and responsive sponsor. “Safariland is a very innovative and responsive company. Thank you, Safariland, for all of the years. I’m honored to be a part of your Team!”

Decot Sport Glasses – Rob switched to the Decot Hy-Wyd sport glasses while shooting shotgun in 2008, but he has grown to love them for Action Pistol Shooting too! “Thank you Decot for helping me “see” the difference your glasses can make!”

Rob’s most-recent sponsor, Action Target, has been a blessing. Rob LOVES their portable target systems for practice. “I’m a lucky man to have a fine company such as yours as a sponsor and social media partner. Looking forward to many years of shooting on your sturdy targets!”


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