Intro To Steel Match – This Sunday!

Published by Rob under Intro To Steel, Matches.

Last month’s match cancelled, so we’re really looking forward to this Sunday’s event!

We’ve been working on standardizing Safety Training for the match, which has resulted in the Practical Shooting Safety Course (PSSC).  Needless to say, there are a few changes.

  • The PSSC is NOT required for new shooters to attend I2S – So please come as planned!
  • CLASSIFIED shooters will now draw at I2S, as they have “draw status”.
  • The PSSC IS required for new and unclassified shooters to obtain “draw status”.
  • EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, I2S requires NEW shooters, including anyone who has shot FEWER than 3 matches with I2S, to to PRINT, REVIEW AND BRING the SAFETY OUTLINE & WAIVER to the I2S Match.
  • These documents are available on the website.
  • Shooters will be given 3 WARNINGS at I2S.  If they exceed 3, they will be DQ’d for the day.
  • There are some additional I2S requirements, namely requiring a holster to transport the gun, but we will institute most of these beginning in March to give shooters time to prepare.
  • Check the website for all of the match info and updates

Hope to see you all on Sunday!