For the Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club Practical MATCHES:

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Monday, March 10th – 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
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Saturday, March 22nd – 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Send us an email to attend - PSSC E-MAIL

Welcome to Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club’s Practical Division.  We’re excited that you are interested in competing in our Practical Shooting Matches!

RSSC proudly boasts one of the largest “Practical” Shooting Clubs in the country.  In addition, we have an awesome group of volunteer Board Members, Division Heads, Match Directors, Statisticians and Range Officers that host practical events for Action Steel, USPSA, SASS, ICORE, .22 firearms and 3-Gun.

Needless to say, if you’re looking to get started in the exciting, fun and challenging sport of Practical / Action Shooting MATCHES, you are in the right place!  Please note however that this is NOT a class for small, concealment pistols.  You MUST have a pistol that is suitable for competition, i.e. a USPSA Open, Limited, 1911 Single Stack or Production gun.  Revolvers must be six or 8 shot.  In general, handguns with a barrel length LESS than 4 inches are not legal for competition.  Please reference the USPSA Production Gun list for the few exceptions:

Practical Shooting events demand that SAFETY is ALWAYS the number one priority.  We have an excellent track record in that regard – and intend to do everything we can to educate novice competitors about the safety rules of the sport, so we’re glad you’re here.

RSSC’s Practical Division wants to provide a friendly, encouraging and informative environment for those who want to compete, and more importantly, we want them to get started on the right foot.

Enter the Practical Shooting Safety Course (PSSC).

The PSSC is for:

  • Individuals who have a good working KNOWLEDGE of their pistol;
  • Individuals who already KNOW how to SAFELY load, shoot, and unload their pistol;
  • Individuals who are ready to PARTICIPATE in “Practical Shooting” Matches;
  • PSSC is REQUIRED for NEW competitors to shoot an RSSC “Practical Division” Match;
  • PSSC also is required for “Draw Status” at Intro To Steel Matches;

Keep in mind, the PSSC is NOT a CCW or skills training course.  Its intention is NOT to teach you how to shoot better, but how to SAFELY participate in the Practical Matches at RSSC.  The PSSC is a SAFETY CERTIFICATION course.  


  • Range Safety
  • Match Safety / Disqualification
  • Safety Exam – Must pass written exam to continue in class
  • Disqualification
  • Holstering
  • The Draw
  • The Reload
  • Moving from position to position
  • Retreating Uprange
  • Strong Hand Shooting
  • Weak Hand Shooting
  • Varied Start Positions
  • Live-Fire Exam – Must pass live-fire portion of course to receive certification from PSSC


  1. Student registers for the RSSC PSSC via email or online process.
    $ 40.00 Course Fee; $25 for JUNIORS under 18;  JUNIORS MUST be accompanied by a parent / guardian.
    $ 20.00 No-Show Charge.
    $ 20.00 Reschedule Fee if within 48 hours of class.


  1. Student receives via email / downloads the PSSC Safety Study Guide, PSSC Live Fire Study Guide and PSSC Liability Release documents after registering.
  2. Student prints and reviews all documents, initialing or signing and dating each page.
  3. Student arrives to class with all above documents.


  1. EYE and EAR protection.
  2. 100 rounds of FACTORY ammunition.
  3. PISTOL – 9mm centerfire or larger caliber is required either Semi Auto or Revolver.  Pistol should be carried in a shooting bag or a case that zips / latches closed.
    Please note however that this is NOT a course for small, concealment pistols.  You MUST have a pistol that is suitable for competition, i.e. a USPSA Open, Limited, 1911 Single Stack or Production gun.  Revolvers must be six or 8 shot.  In general, handguns with a barrel length LESS than 4 inches are not legal for competition.  Please reference the USPSA Production Gun list for the few exceptions:
  4. BELT – a belt sturdy enough to hold magazine pouches and a holster.  Belt must go through a minimum of 3 belt loops.
  5. MAGAZINES and speed loading devices must be carried on the belt in approved retention devices.  We suggest 3-4 standard capacity or 2-3 high capacity magazines. Speed loaders are required for revolvers.
    1. Holster must be SNUGGLY SECURED at waist or hip with a BELT, through a minimum of 3 belt loops.
    2. Holster must be worn on competitor’s STRONG side.
    3. Holster Position – A holster with the muzzle of the handgun pointing further than 3 feet from the competitor’s feet while standing relaxed is NOT allowed.
    4. A holster which does not completely PREVENT access to, or activation of, the trigger of the handgun while holstered is NOT allowed.
    5. NOT ALLOWED – Shoulder, cross-draw, pocket, tie down, inside-the-waistband or fanny pack holsters!
      Intro To Steel Match does NOT allow any holsters that utilize a trigger finger release mechanism, i.e. Blackhawk Serpa


  1. Instructors review the range & match safety rules with students and answer questions.
  2. Instructors issue the PSSC Safety Quiz.  Students who do not pass the PSSC Safety Quiz may NOT advance to the live-fire overview and test.  Student will be required to retake the PSSC at a later date.
  3. Instructors review / demonstrate the PSSC Live Fire study guide with students and answer questions.
  4. Instructors and Students “holster up” to take the live-fire portion of the PSSC via 5 – 6 predetermined Courses of Fire (COFs) on the practical pistol bays.
  5. Student’s must pass the live-fire segment of the PSSC.  A student is allowed 3 WARNINGS.  4 or more warnings or any single breach of a safety rule results in failing the live-fire portion of the PSSC.  Student will be required to retake the PSSC at a later date.
  6. Instructor issues a PSSC Completion Card to students who successfully graduated from the PSSC.
  7. Student MUST bring their PSSC Completion Card when signing up for matches – until they are established.  A copy of each student’s test and release shall be kept on file.


Upon successful completion of the PSSC, you are ready to get some match experience under your “belt”.  We suggest you progress in this order:

  1. Intro To Steel Match – 4th Sunday
  2. Tuesday Night Steel (TNS) Match – Every Tuesday
  3. Action Shooting 101 (AS101) Match – 1st Thursday
  4. RSPP Match – 3rd Saturday
  5. All Other “Practical” Matches

Once you’ve shot several Intro To Steel matches, you’re proficient and confident with your gun, comfortable with the match environment and seeing improvement in your skills, you should progress to the TNS and AS101 matches.

After you have completed 10 – 12 of the TNS / AS101 matches you should be ready to try the 3rd Saturday RSPP Match.  


  • Kippi Leatham
  • Scott Durkin
  • Debbie Keehart
  • Rob Leatham (as needed and as per his schedule)