Intro To Steel Match Results – June 23, 2013

Intro To Steel Match Results are posted. Just sent them to Pete, so they should go out in the email blast sometime soon.

BIG thanks to everyone who helped out in the heat today:  We could not do this without you.

Rob wants to apologize for some of the HARD shots on the stages.  He’s in bullseye mode, and that may have rubbed off on his stages.  I think we razzed him enough though, and he won’t do it again.  Remember, the match is supposed to be for beginners, honey!  :)

Results are below.  Novice shooters (those who do NOT have draw status) only keep one score per stage and everyone else keeps two.

We had 62 shooters today, 30 of which are considered “new” – which is awesome!

Come on out next month – the stages won’t be as “challenging” and the match should therefore run much more QUICKLY!

Good, safe shooting everyone!  ~Kip

I2S Results 6/23/2013



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