Leatham-Tarani-White @ Gunsite

Evolution of Shooting Class with Leatham-Tarani-White April 10 through April 15, 2016 – http://gunsite40.com Recoil Magazine Coverage: http://www.recoilweb.com/leatham-tarani-white-gunsite-84955.html

Tactical, Competitive Shooting and Non-Ballistic Weapons Worlds Collide

And then converge. The result is a VIP all-inclusive training experience that will forever change your world. #LeathamTaraniWhite     #TrainWithTheBest     #Gunsite40 Coming to Gunsite Academy in Paulden, Arizona. April 10 through 15, 2016. Limited space available. Reserve your place in history today.  http://gunsite40.com  

2016 – Renew, Refresh, Refocus and Re-subscribe

  Happy New Year!  The perfect time to renew, refresh and refocus your thoughts, energies and plans for the upcoming season. You may need to re-subscribe (to Rob’s blog) also. Seems Rob’s subscription list has become corrupted.  Wah, wah… :( To be notified of future training sessions and news releases, please take a few minutes to subscribe to his blog again. Subscribe to Ro ...[Read More]

Intro To Steel Results – April 27, 2014

Here they are – the results from today’s I2S Match. Big thanks to everyone for all of the help and kudos to all of the new shooters who made it safely through the match! Click on the link below to view results.  Congrats to Brett Berg, btw – he was on FIRE today!  #goodthingrobwasgone I2S 2014 04 27rpt_Combo

Globally brand cooperative channels

Globally brand cooperative channels

Rapidiously recaptiualize cross-unit initiatives and enterprise-wide resources. Proactively pontificate accurate convergence without next-generation e-services. Rapidiously cultivate distributed best practices and B2C strategic theme areas. Interactively deploy end-to-end products after focused value. Continually architect resource sucking total linkage without enterprise potentialities.