It’s Time To “Stand and Fight”!

It’s a critical time in our Nation regarding gun control, among many other important issues. If you want to keep your firearms, not be blamed for the gun violence in our country, and stand up against the attacks on our Constitution, specifically the 2nd Amendment, let yourself be heard. Join the NRA, Gun Owners of America, Second Amendment Foundation, National Shooting Sports Foundation, etc ...[Read More]

DrillMaster Practice Sessions – Open to ALL Classified Shooters

Happy New Year everyone.  Anyone have a resolution to improve their shooting skills for 2013? If you live in the Phoenix metropolitan area, you will be able to work on that resolution with me immediately. Unfortunately, you can’t improve by just shooting matches. Progress comes from developing skills through repetition, and a match simply doesn’t allow for this. You HAVE to practice!   New this ye ...[Read More]

Intro To Steel Match Results – 10/28/2012

Results are compiled for Sunday’s Intro To Steel Match.  We had nearly 60 shooters again!  Great job everyone for keeping it safe and fun. We had some special guests yesterday, too.  Scott Carnahan of Safariland brought his new bride Tammy and his lovely daughter Kate.  Great seeing you all – hope you had a good time. We had a couple other special shooters, but they forgot to turn in t ...[Read More]

Rob Discusses Wayne Gretzky, Jackie Gleason & Getting Whooped By His Sister with MGC

While at the 2012 SHOT Show, I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by MyGunCulture. Here is the link to the interview if you have time for a quick read.  Can’t believe he didn’t ask me anything about zombies.