HTG Semi-Private Tutorial


A 2.5-day (half day, 2 full days) training program presenting the fundamentals of shooting fast and accurate and the dynamics of personal defense.

You will be one of only sixteen to attend this two-day semi-private tutorial presenting the detailed layers of increasing your speed and accuracy and the control dynamics of personal defense.

On the live-fire side, you will receive one-on-one performance enhancement instruction on how to elevate speed, make effective combat round placement and gain optimal control of your firearm under extreme duress.

On the hands-on side, you will receive one-on-one personalized instruction on how to manipulate the complex dynamics of personal combat at conversational ranges, including multiple assailants, and control the fight while moving from hands to guns.

Due to semi-private instructor-student ratio, this course is limited to a maximum number of sixteen (16) attendees.


  • United States citizen, legally able to posses / own a firearm in accordance with BATF-E form 4473.
  • Informed about laws and regulations regarding firearm ownership, use and transportation in the location of the HTG class and any states / counties / cities, etc. you may travel through to attend an HTG class.
  • Must be knowledgable about range safety and firearm safety and demonstrate safe practices at all times during an HTG class.  Any client deemed unsafe shall be asked to leave class immediately, and no refund shall be given.
  • Must be able to pass the Level I Qualification with your pistol to register for this class. All clients shoot the Level I Qual upon arrival and if they do not pass, they will not be allowed to participate in class and no refund shall be issued. Download the Level I Qualification Course HERE!


  • Pistol – 9mm or larger – NO subcompact models
  • 2-3 magazines minimum (must have 24 rounds on body at any given time)
  • Belt, holster, and 1 double magazine pouch minimum.
  • Range Kit (eye protection, ELECTRONIC ear protection, if outdoor range – ball cap & sun screen)
  • Blue/ Red inert training hand-gun and matching holster.
  • Factory Ammunition round count: 800

CLASS DATES / LOCATIONS – Check back or subscribe to Rob’s blog / email for upcoming 2018 dates!


  • Registration Fee – $1440
    Full payment is required at time of registration.  Note cancellation policies in FAQs.
  • Check-in and orientation begins at 5:00 p.m. on Day 1.
  • Class ends at 5:00 p.m. on Day 3.


Is HTG Tutorial a competition shooting class? 

HTG is NOT a competition handgun course, but the live-fire portion is taught by a world-champion competition [primarily] shooter. However, any real-world operator will tell you that the fundamentals of shooting fast and accurate are what make you effective, and we’ve got that covered.   

What is the HTG cancellation policy?

If you must cancel more than 30 days from the HTG class date, notify us promptly to receive a 100% payment credit to be applied to a future HTG class. Cancelation notifications that occur less than 30 days before the HTG class date shall receive a 50% payment credit that may be applied to a future HTG class.  All credits expire one year from issue.


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